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Scheduling Piano tuning work in Atlanta / old vertical piano made prior to 1940

A gentleman called me this morning  to schedule piano tuning for a Gulbransen vertical piano which he acquired from his aunt.  The piano was built in the 1950’s and was tuned 4 years ago.  The piano has been in a high humidity location for years, causing some fungus to grow on the top of the piano hammers and the piano has accumulated some dirt and knicks/scratches.   Charity, our piano tuner will first inspect the piano and give the customer a free overall evaluation of the condition of the instrument.   If the piano strings, pinblock, and bridges are sound, our piano tuner will perform a pitch adjustment and then a fine tuning to the A440 standard pitch.  If the piano strings, pinblock, and/or bridges are compromised, Charity Kopczeski our piano tuner will perform a pitch adjustment  tuning to put the piano in tune with itself at or near its current pitch and the perform a second (fine) tuning immediately after at the same visit to the home.  Call us today for free information to help you maintain and enjoy your piano, free piano moving referrals, or help with decision making on buying a used piano from a private party. Piano tuning Atlanta by Charity K, 770-876-7340 (call or text).

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