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Headwinds involved in tuning & repairing pianos built prior to the 1950’s, continued and updated

Our piano tuner /technician often sees compromised tuning pin blocks, piano strings, and/or bridges on pianos in Atlanta built in the 1930’s, 1920’s and even earlier.  Incremental repairs can sometimes be worthwhile to make the piano tunable for a little while longer, if there is sentimental value with the piano being in the family for decades.  However, most of the time, from the standpoint of  enjoying piano music and/or taking piano lessons on the instrument, upgrading to a new or newer used piano is recommended.  The higher quality brands of older pianos, including Steinway and Mason & Hamlin will often retain sufficient value to justify a complete piano restoration, rebuild, and refinishing.  Contact Piano tuning by Charity Kopczeski in Atlanta for more information 770-876-7340 (call or text).  For more information on piano tuning in Atlanta, check out our website www.pianotuning4u.com



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