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What to look for in purchasing a used piano in Atlanta, GA, the essentials for piano tuning and repairs

First decide if you’d like a grand or vertical piano.   If you have sufficient floor space, a grand piano adds significantly to the beauty of  your home’s interior.  With its curved piano cabinet and lid prop, a grand piano can turn an ordinary large room into a piano concert hall.  When shopping for a used piano from a private party in Atlanta, GA, test all the keys to make sure they play and repeat.  Test each pedal: sustain, una corda, and sostenuto to verify that each responds properly.  Examine the entire outside piano cabinet and note knicked or gashed corners, stains near the piano music desk, or cracked finish.  Small imperfections on the piano cabinet can be touched up by our piano tuner at the time of the first piano tuning once you’ve had the piano moved to your home.   Often low cost minimal piano repairs can be performed by our piano technician after purchasing a used piano in Atlanta, GA that yield a worthwhile investment for you.  Once you’ve checked out the above essentials, call our piano tuner, Charity Kopczeski in Atlanta GA to setup an evaluation of the piano before purchasing it in order to foresee needed piano tuning pitch adjustments and or major piano repairs.  Piano Tuning Atlanta by Charity 770-876-7340 (call or text).

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