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I have a piano at my home in Atlanta that we don’t play. Should I have my piano tuned?

We sometimes get calls from piano owners in Atlanta who have not had their piano tuned for decades.  While it may not be essential to have your piano tuned every year if you are not playing the instrument, to protect your investment for resale value it is often best to keep the piano tuned at least every 2 years to minimize stresses on the bridges and strings from major pitch adjustments.  This is more of an issue on older pianos where the condition of wood and strings has deteriorated.   If you’ve been busy with other things and just never thought over the years to get that piano tuned (since the kids have grown, etc), perhaps this spring is a good time to decide whether to play the piano again or get it tuned and repaired and put the instrument up for sale.  Or if you’d like to keep the piano in the family or like the furniture quality of ownership, having the piano tuned and repaired will help maintain value long-term.  Contact Piano Tuning Atlanta by Charity 770-876-7340 (call or text) for Piano Tuning & Repairs, Piano Evaluation Inspections (if you are looking to buy or sell a used piano).  Have a great weekend!

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