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Where’s the Best Placement for My Piano in my Home? I Just Moved!

Due to excessive dampness, it’s best to avoid basements.  Also heating/AC vents should be avoided, due to frequent humidity changes that they cause.  Choice areas for the placement of your piano are away from drafts, and excessive sunlight through windows, which can drastically reduce the value of your piano.  Piano tuning and action regulation of your piano will be more stable when you choose a more ideal placement of your piano.  Positioning your piano in a favorable place will also help prevent your piano strings, bridges, soundboard, pinblock, cabinet  from rapid deterioration, and preclude costly Piano Repairs.

If you have a less than ideal setting for your piano, a climate control system installed in the piano can be of some help.  One type of system includes a dehumidifier (to eliminate excess moisture) installed with a humidistat (to turn off the dehumidifier when it is dry enough).  The system can also include a humidifying tank, which adds moisture during dry periods (when the heat is on during winter months) to keep the piano tuning from going excessively flat. Our piano tuner will not need to perform large pitch adjustments when the relative humidity is fairly constant at or near 42%.


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