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Tips on buying a used vertical piano in Atlanta: optimal for tone quality & piano tuning

The taller the piano, the longer the strings. Everything else being equal, the longer string pianos will produce a higher quality sound and more pleasant tone when the piano is in tune. Spinet pianos, being the shortest stringed, can have issues with buzzing strings due to the overall design of the piano, even when the piano tuner has adjusted the pitch to A440 standard piano tuning. Console pianos are the next longest stringed pianos, then studio pianos, then full uprights. Since with vertical pianos you have the same floor space used up, it’s only the wall space you give up going with a taller stringed piano (and a bit more weight when moving the piano). Contact our Piano Tuner / Technician, Charity K, at 770-876-7340 (call or text) for a piano inspection evaluation of a piano you are interested in purchasing, piano repair, or piano tuning / pitch adjustment in the Atlanta metro area. Enjoy your instrument!

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