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If My Piano Has Cracks In The Soundboard, Is It Unable To Be Tuned?

A piano can be tuned even if the soundboard is cracked. Some high-end grand pianos that are in good-performance condition have cracks wide enough to see the carpet underneath. However problems with cracks in the can arise if the soundboard separates from its ribs, which stabilize it from the back. Sometimes this can cause a buzzing or rattling sound when notes in that area of the soundboard are played. The solution to eliminate the buzz / rattle is to reattach the ribs. The soundboard will still have the cracks, but the piano can still sound beautiful. The cracks can be filled, but that is often more of a cosmetic expense. Many serious piano performers are not concerned about the cosmetics, as long as they know their soundboard (along with their whole piano) is in a stable condition, and in good working order.

Tuning stability is highly dependent upon a solid pin-block. The pinblock (which holds all of the tuning pins) must be solid. If there are deeply running cracks in the pin-block, it’s most likely that the piano would be unable to be tuned. Often, costly rebuilding is the solution, so this would be a major concern for any piano owner. Call Piano Tuning Atlanta by Charity K, 770-876-7340 (call or text) for piano tuning, repairs, inspections to buy private party used pianos, evaluations.

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