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Is it possible to tune my old piano in Atlanta?

Old pianos manufactured prior to 1950 present certain challenges for the piano tuner / technician that require more time to adjust the pitch and fine tune the instrument.  Some of the tuning pins may need to be pounded in or replaced, and old piano strings are more likely to fail.  Three to four incremental pitch raise adjustments may be necessary to prevent excessive tension stress on the bridges.  Sometimes the cost involved in getting an old piano in good working condition is better invested in acquiring a newer piano.

One of our piano technicians can evaluate your piano to determine if it can be tuned, and if cannot be tuned, the piano technician will give you a quote on the cost of  repairs needed to make the piano tunable and recommend whether or not the piano  is worth keeping.  If a piano tuning can be performed, our technician can make the needed repairs and tune the piano that same visit.

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