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Should I have a humidity control system installed on my Piano in Atlanta?

Humidity fluctuations are the primary cause of your piano going out of tune: sharp (when humidity rises) and flat (when the air dries out).  If  the air inside in your home  (or church, school, music room) changes significantly due to: opening and closing doors & windows or constant changes in the use of air conditioning & heating for example; a Damp Chaser humidity control system might be a good investment for you.

As a general rule, if your piano is worth more than $3,000, and you want to protect your investment in the instrument long term, a Damp Chaser system is worth considering.   More consistent humidity levels preserve the wood & felts parts of the piano and reduce the pitch fluctuation extremes between every Piano Tuning.  The cold weather this winter in Atlanta has resulted in the increased use of gas furnace heat (more so than normal), excessively drying out the inside air and causing pianos to go flat.

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