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Piano Tuning Stability & Dehumidifier Systems re: Spring Season in Atlanta, GA

With the typical moist, damp, rainy spring weather just around the corner in Atlanta GA, the timing is right to have Damp Chaser Dehumidifier Rod(s) installed on your piano to prevent excess moisture from swelling the piano wood soundboard resulting in the piano strings going further out of tune than necessary.    The ideal relative humidity to keep a piano tuning from variance of A440 pitch is 42%.   Typical weather in Atlanta, GA in spring is more humid, resulting in pianos going further flat in the winter and further sharp in the spring.

A humidistat is also installed to regulate when the rod(s) turn on and off to insure that the piano wood and felt parts do not become too dry.  The Damp Chaser system can be installed just prior to your next piano tuning.  Contact us at 770-876-7340 (call or text) for more information to help you with your specific piano needs in the Atlanta Metro area.

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