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How do I buy a used Piano? Piano Tuning Atlanta

Craigslist Atlanta normally has abundant listings for used pianos of various makes, models, age and usage.  At www.PianoMart.com you can do advance searches to find a particular brand and size of piano by geographical area.   Beginning your used piano buying search with a low budget, look for used pianos no older than 1950 (as a general rule).  Pianos built before 1950 have a higher likelihood that a piano tuning will not be possible without significant ongoing piano repair costs.  Our piano tuner technician can evaluate a piano you are interested in potentially purchasing to determine whether or not the piano is tunable and/or needs repairs.  The piano tuner can also help you decide whether the used piano is a good value at the seller’s asking price.

Some of the quality vertical used pianos include the Yamaha U1 and Yamaha U3,  Kawai, Sohmer, Mason & Hamlin, Baldwin, and of course Steinway.  In the transient metro area of Atlanta, you can also find pianos for sale when people move out and relocate.  After you purchase your used piano and have it moved to your home, wait about 2 weeks for the piano to get used to the new humidity climate in your home.  Then contact us to schedule piano tuning with one of our piano tuner technicians at Piano Tuning Metro Atlanta 770-876-7340 (call or text).

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