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Piano Tuning has not been performed in over two years in Atlanta ?

Humidity fluctuations are a primary cause in pianos going sharp or flat.  Generally, the longer the interval between Piano Tunings, the more likely a Piano will be further out of tune.  Here in Atlanta, GA the moist humid air we typically have from spring through autumn will swell piano soundboards causing Atlanta Pianos to go sharp.  Then, the dry air we have in the winter will cause Pianos to go flat.

When a Piano gets more than 20% off (flat or sharp) of the A440 standard pitch, a pitch adjustment Piano Tuning is required to get all the tension of the piano strings close enough to perform a fine tuning to A440.  The pitch adjustment(s) can be performed by our Piano Tuner upon the same visit as the fine tuning adjustment.  The entire Piano Tuning process will take longer when pitch adjustment(s) are needed as are over 200 tuning pins to adjust on each complete pass over the entire Piano.

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