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Piano Tuning: Piano models to buy used in Atlanta

Craigslist.com Atlanta continues to be a go to source for people looking to buy a used Piano at an affordable price.  If possible, look for a Piano built after 1950 as many Pianos built prior to that time have significant deterioration and cannot be tuned without costly repair work. The Yamaha U1 and U3 verticals are durable quality instruments, great to buy new or used. Piano Tuners report that these pianos are easy to work on.

Medium quality vertical Piano brands include Young Chang, Samick, Wurlitzer, Chickering.  Avoid the spinet sized vertical models, as the shorter piano string lengths produce greater inharmonicity and false beats.  Piano Tuning and action work is more difficult on spinets due to the inherent design of these instruments.

Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Kawai, Charles Walter, Sohmer  are some of the higher quality brands if the greater investment is workable for you.   Contact Piano Tuning Atlanta 770-876-7340 (call or text) for piano evaluations, tuning, and repairs.

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