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Where is the best place in my home for the piano?

The first consideration is where it looks and functions best for you and your family.  Then, where possible, avoid placing the piano against an outside wall or near windows, doors. Most importantly, keep the piano soundboard away from heating & air conditioning vents where the vents would blow air directly toward the soundboard.  A basement location, if exceptionally humid, is best to be avoided also.

If I hardly ever (or never) play my piano, should I have it tuned?

Since pianos go out of tune from humidity changes and aging, regular tuning & minor repairs will prevent the instrument from depreciating prematurely, and maximize resale value, should you decide to sell the piano down the road.   Also, you never know when a guest might stay at your home who plays the piano!

My piano has a crack in the soundboard, can it still be tuned?

In some cases, cracks in the soundboard will not compromise the tuning.  When severe soundboard cracks cause the ribs (under the sound board in a grand and behind the sound board on a vertical) to separate from the soundboard, the affected strings could make an unpleasant buzzing sound. In this case, a repair might be needed before tuning the piano to secure the rib(s) to the soundboard.

Should I tune the piano after it has been moved?

Since the piano most likely experienced humidity changes during the moving process outdoors, it is recommended to wait about  three weeks after moving the piano to the new location, then having the piano tuning done.  That way, the piano will have a chance to settle in to the new environment first, thus maximizing the value of the tuning for you. If the piano is moved during an especially wet rainy period, it will help to use a dehumidifier in the room or have a Damp Chaser climate control system installed for better long term relative humidity consistency. Call us for more details on humidity control systems for pianos.

What type of piano makes the best sound?

The longer the strings on a piano, generally the better the tone and more pleasing sound.  For example, short spinet piano strings tend to have more inharmonicity, than longer console, studio, or full size upright pianos.  Concert grands sound the best!

How do I go about selecting a used piano to buy?

Go to our Buy/Sell menu on this website and/or call us for free help on this subject; while we don’t normally sell pianos, we can help guide you to a solution best serving your needs.

What is the ideal humidity environment for a piano?

Constant 42% relative humidity.

How do piano climate control systems work?

Excess moisture is removed from the piano utilizing a dehumidifier rod (out of sight installed inside the piano). A humidistat is attached to that rod to turn the dehumidifier on or off depending on the surrounding relative humidity.   A humidifier tank can also be installed to prevent the piano sound board from drying out during the winter heating months.

How much is my piano worth?

The Piano Manufacturer, age, condition of the cabinet, action, keys, strings, etc., all factor into the current value.  Call us at 770-876-7340 for free information on how to research this for yourself or have us inspect and evaluate your piano.  The piano serial number can be used to determine the age of the piano.

How can my piano be cleaned?

Satin and high gloss polish designed specifically for modern piano finishes are available to maintain your piano cabinet.  For grand piano soundboard cleaning, a tool can be used to get under the strings to remove dust.  The key bed can also be cleaned by removing the action keys.  Call us at 770-876-7340 for more information on help with cleaning your piano.

Can the stuck keys on my piano be fixed?

Yes, most of the time a stuck key can be repaired within a few minutes and a 10 minute repair is included with each piano tuning.  Older pianos that have experienced significant deterioration, wear and tear, can often benefit from adjustments in the keys and action to make the instrument easier to play.

How do I go about finding a used starter piano for my family?

Many times people will sell their piano before moving out of town or when nobody in the home is playing it.  Craigslist, Pianomart.com and PianoWorld.com are online options to begin looking to purchase a piano from a private owner.  Piano Retailers in Atlanta often have a good selection of used vertical pianos to choose from if you have a budget of at least $3,500 to $4,500.  If your budget is lower than that, let your neighbors know you are looking for a piano and check Craigslist for pianos at least newer than 1960 (older pianos will generally have repair issues that will exceed low budget affordability, so its best to look  for pianos that will be able to be tuned with minimal repair issues).  Call us for help and/or for evaluation of a piano you like before you make the investment and have it moved to your home.

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