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How do I buy a used Piano? Piano Tuning Atlanta

| November 26, 2014

Craigslist Atlanta normally has abundant listings for used pianos of various makes, models, age and usage.  At www.PianoMart.com you can do advance searches to find a particular brand and size of piano by geographical area.   Beginning your used piano buying search with a low budget, look for used pianos no older than 1950 (as […]

Why do piano keys not play? Piano Tuning Atlanta

| November 3, 2014

Individual piano keys can cease to function properly for several reasons.   The piano tuner technician can diagnose the specific reason(s) at the time of your piano tuning.  Some of the reasons for stuck piano keys are as follows:  1) Individual notes may not be repeating due to the piano’s action parts rubbing against each […]

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