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Piano string failure – reattaching the existing string or replacing it in Atlanta GA for tuning

| February 28, 2013

Piano strings can rust, wear out and and eventually fail and break.   If the break is near the piano tuning pin, sometimes it can be reattached to the tuning pin by the piano tuner technician.  Most of the time it is recommended to have the string replaced.  The bass wound piano strings are measured exactly […]

What to look for in purchasing a used piano in Atlanta, GA, the essentials for piano tuning and repairs

| February 25, 2013

First decide if you’d like a grand or vertical piano.   If you have sufficient floor space, a grand piano adds significantly to the beauty of  your home’s interior.  With its curved piano cabinet and lid prop, a grand piano can turn an ordinary large room into a piano concert hall.  When shopping for a used […]

Piano inspections in Atlanta, GA: when the result of the evaluation is that the instrument is not tunable

| February 18, 2013

A lady in Alpharetta, GA recently called our piano tuner to request a piano inspection of  her 1964 Kohler & Campbell vertical piano at her home.   Another piano tuner in the Atlanta, GA area had told her that the piano cannot be tuned to A440 standard pitch because of the age and condition of the […]

Headwinds involved in tuning & repairing pianos built prior to the 1950’s, continued and updated

| February 13, 2013

Our piano tuner /technician often sees compromised tuning pin blocks, piano strings, and/or bridges on pianos in Atlanta built in the 1930’s, 1920’s and even earlier.  Incremental repairs can sometimes be worthwhile to make the piano tunable for a little while longer, if there is sentimental value with the piano being in the family for […]

Scheduling Piano tuning work in Atlanta / old vertical piano made prior to 1940

| February 11, 2013

A gentleman called me this morning  to schedule piano tuning for a Gulbransen vertical piano which he acquired from his aunt.  The piano was built in the 1950’s and was tuned 4 years ago.  The piano has been in a high humidity location for years, causing some fungus to grow on the top of the […]

Piano inspection prior to purchasing a used piano to preclude costly unexpected piano repairs later on

| February 7, 2013

If you are looking to buy a used piano from a private party in the Atlanta metro area (on Craigslist or a local classified newspaper ad), our piano tuner / technician is available to meet you at the seller’s residence to inspect & evaluate the instrument.  First make sure you like the look of the […]

Piano Tuning Atlanta by Charity 770-876-7340 (call or text) * Piano tuning, broken piano string replacement

| February 4, 2013

If you have a broken piano string on your piano here in Atlanta, our piano tuner can order a new string.  First we need to get the old piano string to send in the measurements of the diameter and the length of the core wire and the winding.  When we receive the new string from […]

Piano Tuning Atlanta by Charity K, common minor repairs on pianos 770-876-7340 call or text

| February 2, 2013

The most common minor piano repairs we see at the time of regular piano tuning home visits in Atlanta include: stuck keys from foreign objects (pennies, toothpicks, debris) getting in between the keys into the key bed, squeaking pedals, sluggish actions, hammer heads rubbing on neighboring hammers, dampers not sitting evenly on the strings, and […]

Piano Tuning Atlanta by Charity 770-876-7340 (call or text)

| February 1, 2013

With this colder weather we’ve been having in Atlanta, it’s a great time to snuggle up at home and enjoy playing your piano.   Give us a call this weekend to schedule piano tuning.   Charity, the piano tuner can schedule an appointment day and time convenient for you.  Oh, and ask her to play a song […]

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