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Piano inspection prior to purchasing a used piano to preclude costly unexpected piano repairs later on

If you are looking to buy a used piano from a private party in the Atlanta metro area (on Craigslist or a local classified newspaper ad), our piano tuner / technician is available to meet you at the seller’s residence to inspect & evaluate the instrument.  First make sure you like the look of the piano cabinet, the size of the piano suits your needs, and the seller’s asking price for the piano is within your budget.  Our piano tuner will perform tests for tuning pin stability, and thoroughly inspect the action parts, keys, felts, bridges, soundboard/ribs, strings and other parts.  She will let you know what repairs would be needed or helpful, and if the piano will require a tuning pitch adjustment. She will communicate the results of her piano evaluation to you directly, keeping confidentiality (the seller will not be given the results of the inspection).  This will enable you to negotiate the price of the piano from a position of strength.   Getting this inspection done prior to purchasing a used piano gives you the peace of mind that you will receive the value and piano playing enjoyment you expect from your investment.  Call us for more free information, to setup a piano evaluation, or schedule a piano tuning in the Atlanta metro area. Charity Kopczeski, piano tuner / technician  770-876-7340 (call or text).

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