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Why Piano keys need easing on new pianos here in Atlanta, GA metro area

We recently came across a newer piano here in Atlanta where, due to the high humidity the piano keys were sticking and needed to be eased at the center rail and front rail to allow the piano keys to operate correctly.   Sometimes new pianos from the factory need some preparation for optimal performance.  Contact our piano tuner, Charity Kopczeski at 770-876-7340 (call or text)  for more info on your specific piano whether new or old.  Often she can perform this repair at no additional charge (depending on the extent of work needed on the piano)  at the time of piano tuning here in the Atlanta, GA metro area.  The sudden climate changes during the spring season here in Atlanta (both in temperature and especially humidity) cause shrinking and swelling of parts and also exacerbate pitch fluctuation.  See our Piano Tuning FAQ page links on our website: www.pianotuning4u.com for more information on this subject, or call us anytime in Atlanta at 770-876-7340.  Enjoy your Instrument!

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