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Tips on Piano Tuning Accuracy, Atlanta Ga

I hear people sometimes say that perfect pitch is what makes a good Piano Tuner. Accurately hearing individual notes is just one of many skills needed for Piano Tuning. Another important skill is solidly setting each tuning pin for stability. On pianos with tight tuning pins for example, it is possible for the top of the tuning pin to be set by a piano tuner in a position where the string will sound in tune, however the lower part of the tuning pin tightly secured in the pin block can remain in a slightly twisted position. If the piano tuner leaves this note “in tune” with this unstable pin position, the pin has a high propensity to go out if tune from humidity changes or from hard piano playing, pulling the string out of tune. Contact us Piano Tuning by Charity Atlanta 770-876-7340 (call or text) for our summer Piano Tuning & Repair price special discounts, and piano inspection pricing when shopping for a used piano from a private owner.

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