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Are Piano Humidity Control Systems durable & easy to maintain?

Damp Chaser makes quality Humidity Control Systems specifically designed for pianos and includes a warranty.  We have seen these systems on pianos for decades still working without a problem.
The Humidistat will automatically turn the dehumidifier rod on when the humidity is excessive and turn the rod off when the air is sufficiently dry.  The system mounts inside the piano (just above the pedals on a vertical piano and under the soundboard on a grand piano).
On the dehumidify system, there is no maintenance. (Just keep the power cord plugged in year round).  On the complete system, water can easily be added to the humidifier tank as needed periodically (water can spout fits snug on the plastic filler tube). An indicator light turns on to alert you to fill the tank and the watering can holds the exact amount of water needed per filling.
The piano can be tuned a couple weeks after the system is installed.
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