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Why are my piano keys stuck? Atlanta Ga

Piano keys can be stuck for various reasons.  A foreign object could be caught between the keys, for example a coin or hair pin.  An object could have fallen into the action. (This is especially a risk with grand pianos).  Piano action parts may have become misaligned due to loosened screws or the warping of action parts themselves over time.  Piano action parts can become worn which create grooves that hinder easy access of the moving parts.

Another reason for stuck keys is the swelling of Piano parts due to humidity swings.  For example, felt bushings can swell around the pins located throughout the action and keys.

Our Piano Tuner technician can determine which of these problems is causing your piano keys to stick or become sluggish.  This is best taken care of at the time of Piano Tuning.  Call us, Piano Tuning Atlanta at 770-876-7340 to set up a time for Piano Tuning and repair of stuck keys.

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