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What is a Piano Tuning pitch adjustment? Atlanta, GA

When a Piano has not been tuned for a long time, the instrument may get further out of tune from itself and from the standard A440 pitch.  Pianos get far out of tune from changes in the relative humidity in the air.  Humid air causes the soundboard to swell putting extra tension on the strings.  Dry air causes the soundboard to shrink, thus lowering the tension on the piano strings.  In either case (tension far too low, or tension far too great), a pitch adjustment tuning is the first step to getting the piano in tune.

A pitch adjustment Piano Tuning is accomplished by tuning the piano (adjusting each of the 200+ tuning pins) close enough to get the piano ready for the fine tuning.   The pitch adjustment work prepares the piano string tension for the final pass (again adjusting each of the 200+ tuning pins) to achieve a fine, clean sounding, stable tuning.

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