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Funny things are discovered Piano Tuning in Atlanta

Funny and Surprising Things Found Inside Pianos

Sometimes  piano owners wonder if their there are any treasures to be found inside their old pianos that they’ve recently acquired.  In all the many years I’ve worked in pianos, starting when I was 12 years old, I don’t remember finding anything that could be considered a treasure of any sort.  However, I have found many amusing things.

Once, as I was called for a repair to get the keys to play properly, I discovered that underneath them was a collection of tightly packed peanuts.  These weren’t the kind people use for packaging, but  real peanuts!  They were packed so securely in there, that it took me about a half our, using a bit of force, to be able to unwedge them all!  Can you imagine the diligent rodent bringing up peanut after peanut, using his little body to stuff and squeeze “his” territory, until his “barns” were filled with plenty.   It reminds me of the parable in Luke 12:20, where the man stored his treasures in the wrong location.


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