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What Piano Repairs are needed when Tuning older Pianos in Atlanta?

Older pianos that have not been tuned in years will sometimes require more than 1 pitch adjustment to get the piano string tension close enough in tune to perform a stable fine Piano Tuning at the A440 pitch. If the bridges are hair line cracked and/or the tuning pins are more loose than optimal, our Piano Tuner can pitch adjust the Piano to itself without undue string tension adjustment stress on these older fragile parts.

Occassionally, one or more of these repairs may also be needed on older pianos: 1) Piano keys may need to be leveled, 2) Action felt and or bushings may need to be replaced, 3) The key bed may need to be cleaned out (area under the keys that can collect debris and hinder the piano keys from playing properly), 4) The Piano Action may need to be lubricated and the moving parts regulated.

Contact us, Piano Tuning Atlanta by Charity K. 770-876-7340 (call or text) to have your piano tuned once per year to minimize the chance of needing several repairs at once.

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