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Grandmother’s old piano in Atlanta worth keeping?

As we visit relatives this holiday season and the memories of playing that old piano in Grandmother’s basement (that has not been played for many years), someone in the family will want to keep that piano, move it to their home, and have the piano tuned and repaired to play again.  Before investing the money to move the piano, having a professional piano tuner technician inspect and evaluate the condition of the piano action, keys, strings, soundboard, bridges, and pin block will preclude the expense of having to move the piano again (to dispose it) if the instrument is examined to be not tunable or not repairable.  Many older pianos have a multitude of needed repair issues.  Sometimes the repairs are worthwhile to have performed (especially with quality made pianos: Steinway, Baldwin, Mason & Hamlin, Sohmer, etc.), yet oftentimes a more complete piano rebuilding is required, the cost of which can render the piano worthless in its present condition.

When you sit down to play “Amazing Grace” and other songs on the piano, listen to hear if all the notes sound equally out of tune, or if there are certain notes that sound way, way off.  Then call us for an evaluation that we can schedule at a time convenient for you.

God bless you as you enjoy the season.  Someone recently reminded me of the amazing love of God to send his only begotten son into to world to die for sinners. Perhaps your family Bible has not been read in as many years as that old piano has not been played.  We encourage you to read the Bible today, and seek the Lord with all your heart.

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