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Piano Tuning Atlanta: Are stuck piano keys costly to fix or repair?

Not normally, however there are exceptions.   When stuck piano keys are difficult to repeat playing the notes, often the cause is excessive moisture in the piano from the high humidity we experience much of the time in Atlanta, GA.   The installation of a Damp Chaser humidity control system is a cost effective way to solve this problem and also protect the value of the piano over time.  The investment to install a Piano Climate control system in Atlanta, GA ranges from between $200 to  $500 total parts and labor.

Stuck keys can also result from debris that has gotten inside the piano under the keys.  A piano technician can remove the action & piano keys as needed to clean out that area and free up the stuck keys.  Normally this will take less than an hour and cost about $65.

Sometimes broken parts in the piano action prevent the note from playing.  Broken parts such as a hammer shank can be replaced individually as needed.  Some parts may need to be ordered by the piano tuner/technician from a piano supply warehouse.

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