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Can my old piano be tuned for my kids to play it? Atlanta Ga

Older pianos (generally built before 1950) often have bridges that are cracked or compromised (dried out).   Cracks in the piano bridges result in an undefined piano string speaking length as the bridge pins are no longer solidly in place.  If the cracks are not severe, the piano can often be tuned to itself a half step flat (for example) than the standard A440 piano tuning pitch and sound fine for the kids to play.

The piano pin block could also be compromised on an older piano.  Loose tuning pins can cause the piano tuning to be less stable.  Also, the strings on older pianos are often rusted and can fail.

A piano tuner / technician can evaluate the piano to determine if the instrument is tunable.  If the piano can be tuned, a piano tuning can be performed at that time.  If the piano is not tunable, the piano tuner technician can explain the situation to you and recommend a piano mover if you desire to dispose it.

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