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Why do piano keys not play? Piano Tuning Atlanta

Individual piano keys can cease to function properly for several reasons.   The piano tuner technician can diagnose the specific reason(s) at the time of your piano tuning.  Some of the reasons for stuck piano keys are as follows:  1) Individual notes may not be repeating due to the piano’s action parts rubbing against each other.  2) Debris in the piano key bed may be causing the keys to stick.  3) Moist humid air from several days of  rainy wet weather may have swelled the felt and wood parts causing some keys to stick and not repeat normally.  4) Broken parts inside the action (hammer heads, whippens, jacks, elbows, springs, bridle straps, hammer shanks) may be preventing the note from playing.

The piano tuner technician can repair the problems under #1 and #2 above at the time of your piano tuning.  Reducing the humidity level in your home over the course of 7-14 days will help to solve problem #3.  A piano damp chaser climate control system is recommended for your piano if problem #3 persists.  The piano tuner technician may need to order parts to repair problem #4 above.   As a general rule, if your piano was built prior to 1950, and action parts are breaking, it is recommended that you replace the piano (unless it is a high quality grand made by Steinway or Mason & Hamlin in which case it may be worthwhile to have it rebuilt).

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